Tuesday, March 22, 2016


ConAgra Going Nationwide With GMO Labeling update daily

ConAgra Going Nationwide With GMO Labeling

ConAgra Foods Inc. is going nationwide with labels that will say a food product is made with genetically modified organisms, finding it to be the easiest way to comply with a Vermont law on GMO labeling.
Other food giants including Kellogg Co., General Mills Inc., Mars Inc. and Campbell Soup Co. have all said they are changing their food packaging across the country in response to that state's law requiring disclosure of GMOs as of July 1.
These companies say it would be too complex and expensive to create a separate distribution network for the 626,000 residents of Vermont. Last week, an effort by some members of Congress to block Vermont's law stalled, pushing packaged food makers to start preparing for it now. 
ConAgra's products include Snack Pack pudding and Peter Pan peanut butter. It said it stands behind the health and safety of all of its products, including those with GMOs, but that it also believes consumers should know what's in their food. It is to reveal its stance via social media outlets Tuesdayevening.
Like other companies, ConAgra is hoping for a national law that addresses GMO labeling to avoid having to complying with multiple state laws, should others follow Vermont. But the big debate in Congress that's holding up a national standard is whether it should mandate GMO labeling on the food packages, allow it to be on company websites instead, or make it entirely voluntary.
ConAgra said it "supports using a variety of options for disclosure of GMOs."
Kellogg said its products with GMOs will have labels nationwide, beginning sometime in April, to comply with the Vermont law, but that's only "until a federal solution is reached."
So far, Campbell Soup is the only big company to break from the pack and endorse mandated GMO labeling on packages, while cutting funding to lobbying efforts that oppose it. Campbell said it will keep GMO labels on applicable food nationally, regardless of what happens on Capital Hill.

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