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Powering the plunder, fueling the fire: Tuna today, gone tomorrow

Posted by: greenpeace_guest_blogger | 19 Sep 09 | Leave a comment | Permalink
greenpeace_guest_blogger Mary Ann Mayo was the webbie onboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza during the first leg of the Defending Our Pacific 2009 tour.

The last refuge of the last relatively healthy stocks of tuna is found right here in the Pacific. Scientists have been warning for years that the fishing pressure on Pacific tuna must be reduced, yet the Taiwanese-owned, American-flagged super-seiner the American Legacy left the shipyard in Taiwan only last year. Amidst warnings of overfishing and calls for restraint, this brand new super-seiner joined the already vast number of fishing vessels out at sea that are chasing fewer and fewer fish.
(FULL TEXT: http://members.greenpeace.org/blog/greenpeaceusa_blog/2009/09/19/powering_the_plunder_fueling_the_fire_tu)