Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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Chemical Industry's Master Messenger

Jon Entine of Genetic Literacy Project defends GMOs, pesticides, industrial chemicals, fracking and nuclear power, and attacks scientists and others who raise concerns. So who pays his bills? Here’s what we know:

WaPo Food Writer Missed the Food Movement

Washington Post food columnist Tamar Haspel investigated the food movement and concluded there isn’t much of a food movement and people don’t care about GMO labeling. Her sources? Outdated, irrelevant polls and an interview with the chemical industry's PR firm.

"Independent" Professor Chassy?

University of Illinois Professor Emeritus Bruce Chassy argues against organic food and advocates for policies to help the agrichemical industry. Don't miss this CounterSpin interview with Carey Gillam about the internal documents that reveal Chassy's undisclosed ties to Monsanto.

Keith Kloor's Attack Beat

Freelance journalist Keith Kloor has made a beat of attacking consumer, public health and environmental advocates who raise questions about the risks of pesticides and GMOs. Now he has a page on the Polluter Watch website:

Circle of Spin

How do PR operatives like Jon Entine work with journalists to promote chemical industry interests? Documents obtained by U.S. Right to Know reveal associations between Entine, Kloor and Haspel.

USDA Censorship of Scientists Draws Federal Probe

The Ag Department's inspector general is opening a broad investigation into complaints that agency officials have silenced USDA researchers on issues such as pesticides. Inspector General Phyllis Fong said her office has received a “significant volume” of complaints, “which is why we're taking it seriously.”

Organic For The Win

New meta study: 40 years of science comparing long-term prospects of organic and conventional farming finds organic agriculture is the key to feeding the world sustainably.

Tweets of the Week 

@KariHamerschlag #Organic farming does better than chemical ag in face of climate change; more profitable, new meta study finds

@FoodMythBusters "In their village it was easier to get Pepsi than potable drinking water" Listen for more: @annalappe via @905KHSU

@FoodAwakenings Consumer demand bolstering organic production and markets in the U.S., reports USDA

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