Wednesday, May 21, 2014


LabelGMOs California's Grassroots

I am so very happy to let you all know that both Josephine and Jackson County ballot initiatives in Oregon - to ban GMO crop cultivation won!!

Josephine raised only $22K and won at 57% yes!
Jackson county was well funded and got 66% of the vote.

Both campaigns were grassroots started, grassroots run. Jackson did hire a manager (a wonderful woman farmer who learned lots really quickly) and a consultant. But control of the election stayed local and was educationally, guerilla based.

This is huge, folks! Not only were they able to ban GMOs in an Ag area, they showed all of us the power of grassroots!We know what needs to be done and we know how to do it, especially with the time, experience and learning we've all been privy to.

Both campaigns had input from seasoned campaigners, but they ran their campaigns with their hearts and their guts, not numbers and the status quo. This, to me, was an equal victory for our movement.

Thanks to all of you for continuing your work out there. We have an incredible opportunity with SB1381 GE Food Labeling Bill now in California. VT, CT and ME all got laws because of Grassroots involvement. We will never get labels without our voices uniting. Let's keep this wave of success going!

Onward to the Friday, May 23, 2014 California State Senate Appropriations Committee to Vote YES!!! for SB1381 GE Food Labeling Bill (Senator Noreen Evans) ..... then on to the California State Senate floor!!

Blessed to be with you all on this journey-

Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs
LabelGMOs California's Grassroots · United States

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