Friday, May 23, 2014


LabelGMOs California's Grassroots

Folks…WE MADE IT OUT OF APPROPRIATIONS!! Now it’s on to the Senate Floor for a vote sometime between Wed the 28th and Friday May 30th, 2014.

I’m sure that this Saturday many of you will all be marching in one location or another around the state.  I’m hearing that there are 450 marches around the world!  Very cool. 

How can we best leverage the Marches?
  • Have a brigade of unlimited minutes cell phones at the marches to get folks to call their reps.  It would be great if all the Senators in our state came back from the weekend to hundreds of messages on their voice mailboxes.  Other orgs have successfully used this action and it really works.  I suggest having a few smart phones or iPads dedicated to helping folks find out who their reps are at  then they can go to call on another phone.
  • Please hand out something and spread the word about calling their Senators.  Here is a 4up action alert flyer to use if you don’t have time to make one of your own
  • Please take lots of pics and send them along so we can post them on the FB page…or let us know where you post yours so we can share
  • I’ve included a short message below that I would love if you could read at the marches from me to the crowd. Not a huge deal and even if you don’t use it, if you could get the basic ideas out there, I’d appreciate it.
A short message from Pamm Larry for all Marchers across California
As you all probably know by now, this has been an amazing week for our movement!  It started on Tuesday.  Jackson and Josephine Counties both banned growing GMOs by a landslide!!  These two counties in OR sent a very loud message to large corporations that more and more of us are waking up to what they are doing to the planet and all living beings on it. Josephine and Jackson counties did it by uniting on the ground and educating their communities. 

It took time, effort, guts, commitment and tenacity.  It wasn’t easy. They got discouraged at times, but they kept on going.  In the end, they showed us what WE can do if we unite, commit and do what it takes to get the job done.  Their victory is our victory as we are One.  Around the world,  we are joining together to put Biotech on notice that the veneer of their lies is crumbling. When people know the truth of their lies, we overwhelmingly say NO to their unproven chemical- laden, contaminating agriculture. 

Our own Humboldt County is next in the fight to ban GMO crop cultivation. Jackson and Josephine won with help outside their county. Humboldt needs our support as they carry that torch for all of us.
But there’s MORE!   Yesterday, California has achieved monumental victory by moving SB 1381 to the Senate Floor for a vote next week. 
Will we make it out of the California Senate?  It will be a full on fight, but I believe our chances are high IF we unite and do what it takes to get the job done.  CT, VT, ME, Jackson and Josephine victories all have ONE thing in common- WE THE PEOPLE took a strong stand and stayed the course.  We marched but continued with more work- we tabled, we educated our communities, we visited our reps to educate them and their staffers.  We called our representatives and each other to spread the word of our power and our need to unite.  We put in hours of our time to protect our rights and the future of food seeds and food sovereignty.   WE CAN MAKE SB 1381 LAW IF WE UNITE!!
And now, to close out this amazing week, we are uniting with people all around the globe to march for our futures.  Marches are a great celebration and statement but the work to change things is ongoing.  Please join us and unite with us in our work to get labeling and support local food movements of all kinds.  This work isn’t always easy. It isn’t often convenient. But it’s the most important, satisfying work I’ve encountered. Please sign up to stay in touch, then remain active.
Step by step we are making huge headway, but we need YOU with us.
Thanks and see you on the streets!

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