Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Tell EPA: No on 2,4-D
In a recent action alert, we asked you to urge USDA NOT to approve Dow’s new, genetically engineered corn resistant to 2,4-D, part of the infamous Agent Orange used in Vietnam. Together, we sent USDA over 350,000 comments! 

Today, we’re asking you to send the same message to the EPA. 

While USDA directly controls the fate of the entire 2,4-D-resistant crop system, in this instance--in part because of the awareness you have already helped raise--EPA has decided to also play a role in determining whether and how 2,4-D can be sprayed on these new crops.  EPA is currently considering Dow’s requests to permit use of 2,4-D on both GE corn and soybeans resistant to this herbicide.

EPA approval of 2,4-D use on Dow’s new GE crops would drive a massive increase in use of this toxic herbicide.  This is bad for farmer and consumer health, the environment, and U.S. agriculture as whole.

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