Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Healthy foodsFood and Technology

Our farms and food are one of our most important connections to our environment. Yet as corporate agribusiness expands its control over our agricultural system and increasingly uses toxic chemicals and risky technologies to produce our food, our environment and health are threatened as is our ability to produce food sustainably.
Friends of the Earth is leading the charge to ensure our food system is just and sustainable. The campaigns within our food and technology project also pressure governments to embrace the safe and precautionary management of emerging technologies, including nanotechnology and synthetic biology, which are appearing in more consumer products such as food, cosmetics and sunscreens each year.

Genetic engineeringWhite House GE salmon protest

We are working to keep genetically engineered "frankenfish" -- which would be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption -- off of grocery store shelves.
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We advocate for policies to protect the public from the risks posed by the increasing use of nanomaterials in cosmetics, sunscreens and a plethora of other consumer products.
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Synthetic biology

We are pushing for proper government oversight of synthetic biology -- a largely unregulated and rapidly developing biotechnology that involves engineering new organisms from scratch.
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Gene patents

Mother and child in poolWe are working to ban the patenting of human genes, which unjustly give corporations control over research and potentially life-saving tests and treatments drawn from these fundamental building blocks of life.
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