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MDL Monsanto Glyphosate Cancer Case Key Documents & Analysis

More than 50 lawsuits against Monsanto Co. are pending in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, filed by people alleging that exposure to Roundup herbicide caused them or their loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and that Monsanto covered up the risks. The lead case is 3:16-md-02741-VC.
On March 13th, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria ruled — over Monsanto’s objections — that documents obtained by plaintiffs through discovery could be unsealed. The following is a list of documents that have been unsealed to date, and other noteworthy filings. 
Court documents:
— Judge Chhabria orders Jess Rowland to answer questions about his post-EPA work (1 page) (4.24.17)
— Plaintiffs request for hearing to address Jess Rowland’s refusal to answer questions (2 pages) (4.24.17)
— Plaintiffs motion to compel the production of all original and re-cut slides of kidney tissue from mice in study BDN-77-420 (8 pages) (4.21.17)
— Monsanto’s response to plaintiffs’ request for production of documents (14 pages) (4.21.17)
— Plaintiffs reply in support of motion to strike confidentiality of Heydens deposition (5 pages) (4.20.17)
— Judge Chhabria’s order on pretrial redaction of identifying information (1 page) (4.18.17)
— Judge Chhabria’s order on additional discovery about IARC (1 page) (4.18.17)
— Monsanto letter on privacy of non-party individuals (6 pages) (4.14.17)
— Plaintiffs’ amended notice to take videotaped deposition of Jesudoss Rowland (3 page) (4.6.17)
— Plaintiffs: administrative motion to file under seal (25 pages) (4.6.17), see especially pp. 6-10
— Monsanto: discovery dispute (10 pages) (4.4.17)
— Monsanto Company’s answer to plaintiff’s complaint (31 pages) (3.24.17)
— Plaintiffs’ notice to take videotaped deposition of Jesudoss Rowland (4 pages) (3.23.17)
— Plaintiffs’ case management statement (28 pages), new documents unsealed (355 pages), key documents on p. 136pp. 220-1 (3.16.15)
— Jess Rowland documents unsealed (115 pages), key documents on pp. 99-102. (3.14.17)
— Documents unsealed (227 pages), key documents on pp. 203-4. (3.14.17)
— Plaintiffs submission in response to pretrial order no. 8 (3.14.17)
— Judge Vince Chhabria’s ruling to unseal documents (3.13.17)
— Plaintiffs’ reply in support of motion to compel deposition of Jess Rowland (2.27.17). Key document: Marion Copley letter on p. 11 (2.27.17)
— Pretrial order no. 8: order requesting briefing re relevance of EPA and IARC (1.25.17)
— Summary of ORD comments on OPP’s glyphosate cancer assessment (12.14.15)
Reporting, analysis and other related documents:
— E&C Dems Urge Walden to Investigate EPA’s Permitting of Toxic Chemicals (4.3.17)
— Inside the Academic Journal That Corporations Love, by Paul Thacker (Pacific Standard) (3.28.17)
— Split Within EPA on Glyphosate Carcinogenicity, by Jennifer Sass (NRDC) (3.28.17)
— Monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen to Consumers (The Young Turks) (3.27.17)
— Letter on glyphosate from Members of the European Parliament to European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker (3.24.17)
— “Monsanto Papers”: des eurodéputés veulent la révision de l’expertise du glyphosate, by Stéphane Foucart (Le Monde) (3.24.17)
— Roundup Lawsuits Raise Doubts About EPA’s Integrity, by Matthew Renda (Courthouse News) (3.20.17)
— Ce que les “Monsanto Papers” rélèvent du Roundup, by Stéphane Foucart (Le Monde) (3.18.17)
— Monsanto Weed Killer Deserves Deeper Scrutiny As Scientific Manipulation Revealed, by Carey Gillam (Huffington Post/USRTK) (3.17.17)
— Les experts européens blanchissent le glyphosate, by Stéphane Foucart (Le Monde) (3.16.17)
— Unsealed Documents Raise Questions on Monsanto Weed Killer, by Danny Hakim (New York Times) (3.15.17)
— Glyphosate: discorde à l’agence de protection de l’environnement américaine, by Stéphane Foucart (Le Monde) (3.14.17)
— EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto “Kill” Cancer Study, by Joel Rosenblatt, Lydia Mulvany and Peter Waldman (Bloomberg) (3.14.17)
— Monsanto Accused of Ghostwriting Papers on Roundup Cancer Risk, by Joel Rosenblatt (Bloomberg) (3.14.17)
— Plaintiffs in U.S. Lawsuit Say Monsanto Ghostwrote Roundup Studies, by Brendan Pierson (Reuters) (3.14.17)
— Monsanto did not ghostwrite the Williams et al. (2000) glyphosate paper (Monsanto blog) (3.14.17)
— Judge Threatens to Sanction Monsanto for Secrecy in Roundup Cancer Litigation, by Carey Gillam (Huffington Post/USRTK)) (3.10.17)
— Monsanto Cancer Suits Turn to EPA Deputy’s “Suspicious” Role, by Joel Rosenblatt (Bloomberg) (2.27.17)
— Questions Raised About EPA-Monsanto Collusion Raised in Cancer Lawsuits, by Carey Gillam (Huffington Post/USRTK) (2.13.17)
— Monsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks About Glyphosate Cancer Review a Secret, by Carey Gillam (Huffington Post/USRTK) (1.18.17)

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