Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Three new papers have been released in the past 24 hours that link Roundup and glyphosate based herbicides to serious harm.
-January 9, 2016 a new study reveals that the weedkiller Roundup causes liver disease in rats after being exposed to doses lower than allowed by the EPA to be present on American food and feed crops. The story was published by Claire Robinson of GMWatch:
The study is the first ever to show a causative link between consumption of Roundup at a real-world environmentally relevant dose and a serious disease.

Studies that show direct cause carry much more weight with the EPA and global regulatory agencies. This could very likely mean the end of Roundup and put a huge dent in GMO chemical farming.
The new peer-reviewed study, led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King's College London, used cutting-edge profiling methods to describe the molecular composition of the livers of female rats fed an extremely low dose of Roundup weedkiller, which is based on the chemical glyphosate, over a 2-year period.
The dose of glyphosate from the Roundup administered was thousands of times below what is permitted by regulators worldwide.
You can read more about this study and two other studies that connect glyphosate based herbicides to thyroid here: Moms Across America article.

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