Thursday, March 31, 2016

#RevokeGlyphosate Action

Tune into for a LIVE interview regarding the glyphosate in even organic wine report.

Above You Tube Zen Honeycutt discusses Glyphosate and RoundUp chemical cocktail, "pesticide foods" and GMO-glyphosate foods with Dr. Giles Eric Seralini  Dr. Stephanie Senneff What Glyphosate is and how it is killing us.

Please continue to call the EPA to revoke the license of glyphosate at 703-308-8187and share with any farmers you know, the benefits of eco agriculture. Check


Widespread contamination of glyphosate in wine, including organic.
Conventional wines tested show to have 28X higher levels of herbicide glyphosate!


MAA article and report
This is not an attack on organic, organic is still the best option. We must fight for organic.
The only way to stop the contamination of organic is for farmers to stop using it.
Please call the EPA and ask for the cancellation of the license of glyphosate.

Action Alert!

After the conference call with Alexis Baden Mayer of OCA, we are asking all our members to please call YOUR Senators this coming week,  202-224-3121, every day if you can.
Ask them to please honor state laws and allow Vermont's GMO labeling law to stand, and to NOT pass any other bills pertaining to GMO labeling before Vermont's law goes into effect.  The fact is that any bill, the DARK Act or the Merkley bill, would allow for a 2 year delay in GMO labeling per federal regulations.  We cannot wait that long.

The Pro GMO lobbyists continue to try to work a deal to stop federal, mandatory, clear GMO labeling!

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Thank you!

Moms Across America

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