Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GMO ROUNDUP for September 2,2015

The Case of Glyphosate: Product Promoters Masquerading as Regulators?

CounterPunch - ‎Aug 24, 2015‎
And yet, this is an industry that tried to rubbish the now republished the Seraliniteam's study into GMOs and glyphosate (with unscientific polemics masquerading as scientific critique).

More evidence of Roundup's link to kidney, liver damage

Environmental Health News - ‎Aug 28, 2015‎
In the 2012 study, different groups of rats were fed mixtures of genetically modified corn and Roundup. Researchers, led by Gilles-Éric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, reported cancers and other health ...

Evidence Mounts that Roundup Is Toxic

East Bay Express - ‎Sep 1, 2015‎
Researchers, led by Gilles-Éric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, reported cancers and other health impacts from both the corn itself and the herbicide.

Medical Journal Article Identifies Hazards of Pesticides inGE Crops

eNews Park Forest - ‎Aug 27, 2015‎
In addition to the recent IARC findings, the timing of Drs. Landrigan and Benbrook's positions is critical as both the U.S. and Europe examine GE labelinglaws. In the U.S., Congress is considering H.R. 1599, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of ...

USDA faces lawsuit for allegedly not providing GMOrecords

Food Dive - ‎Aug 28, 2015‎
The USDA is the subject of a lawsuit brought by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) for its alleged failure to provide records on GMO crops as requested by the group. ... A recent study showed that a GMO label would not necessarily scare off consumers.

Germany Versus Science

Wall Street Journal - ‎Aug 27, 2015‎
So much for Europe's efforts to put the junk science surrounding genetically modified (GMO) food to rest. Berlin last week signaled it will prohibit cultivation of GMO crops in Germany, even if the crops have been approved by EU scientific bodies and ...

Eight states, environmental groups back Vermont in GMOlabeling lawsuit - ‎3 hours ago‎
Some products contain a voluntary label indicating they were produced withoutGMOs. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger. Eight states and several organizations have filed briefs in federal appeals court supporting Vermont's food labeling law from 2014 ...

GMOs: The Effects of Emerging Technologies

Huffington Post - ‎Sep 1, 2015‎
Agricultural Economist and scientist Chuck Benbrook has spent a good portion of his professional career studying the effects of agriculture, specifically GMO crops. In his 2012 study, "Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use in the U.S ...

Vandana Shiva: From Physicist to Anti-GMO Activist

Motley Fool - ‎Sep 1, 2015‎
Environmental activist Vandana Shiva has made a name for herself by fighting against genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Her methods and her logical reasoning really resonate with those that want to rid the world of GMOs. That said, those on the ...

Hawaiians At Increased Risk Of Pesticide Exposure From GMO Crops

Environmental Working Group - ‎7 hours ago‎
Hawaiians have seen firsthand that people near agrichemical companies' test plots of genetically engineered (GMO) crops are at increased risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals that drift off the fields.

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