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Dr Oz: Risky new GMO pesticide Enlist Duo; alcoholism after weight loss surgery

Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed a dangerous new GMO pesticide and warned against alcoholism among people who get gastric bypass weight loss surgery on the Sept. 22 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz said the Environmental Protection Agency is on the verge of approving Enlist Duo, a new pesticide that has been linked to Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cancer.

The Department of Agriculture recently approved Dow Chemical's "Enlist" corn and soybean seeds for commercial cultivation.

Dow's Enlist seeds are GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which are genetically engineered seeds that have been bred to be more resistant to insects and cheaper to produce.

There have been no studies tracking the long-term health risks of consuming GMOs, and some research has linked them to cancer, birth defects, accelerated aging, infertility and resistance to antibiotics.

In conjunction with its Enlist GMO corn and soybean seeds, Dow Chemical has produced Enlist Duo, a new pesticide that is stronger than the previous generation. It became necessary because weeds quickly adapted to the previous generation of pesticides, necessitating a stronger version.

The only problem is that pesticides have been linked to developmental delays and ADHD in children, as well as to birth defects, miscarriage, metabolic distress and cancer.

Boy Reversed Autism Six Weeks After Adopting Organic Diet
Dr. Oz said about 75 percent of our current food supply contains GMOs that are sprayed with 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides every year. But Dow and other chemical companies would like to spray an additional 70 to 170 million pounds of pesticides on crops.

That would exponentially compound the chemical exposure consumers get from their fruits and vegetables (which people eat because they think it's good for their health).

Dr. Oz's guest was Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, who was shocked to discover that both GMOs and non-GMOs are being treated with pesticides. Honeycutt said her family switched to organic foods and immediately improved their health.

Amazingly, Zen said she reversed her son’s autism symptoms just six weeks after switching to an organic diet. Honeycutt was alarmed after lab tests revealed her son's urine contained eight times the level of the pesticide Glyphosate compared to Europeans who do not consume GMOs or pesticide-sprayed foods.

Dr. Oz and Moms Across America encouraged viewers to sign a Take Action petition to pressure the White House to stop the EPA from approving the Enlist Duo pesticide. Only 100,000 signatures is needed to get a reply.

Study: Alcoholism Doubled In Gastric Bypass Patients
On a separate segment, Dr. Oz discussed the alarming epidemic of alcoholism among people who get gastric bypass weight loss surgery. Dr. Oz's guest was Susan Jones, who's now five years sober after becoming an alcoholic shortly after getting gastric bypass.

Jones said her drinking quickly spiraled out of control shortly after her bariatric procedure. Susan went to rehab to treat her alcoholism and discovered that three other rehab patients had also gotten gastric bypass surgery before becoming alcoholics.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that gastric bypass could double a patient's risk of developing alcohol addiction compared with patients who get less drastic weight loss surgeries. Doctors said this is because gastric bypass increases the rate of alcohol absorption, making it more addictive.

Psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Reef Karim explained that the effects of alcohol are almost instant for gastric bypass patients. He added that some patients may be replacing their food addiction with alcohol addiction. “We’re seeing a possible transfer of that addiction from food to alcohol,” said Karim.
Dr. Oz said the best way to prevent alcohol addiction is for bariatric surgeons to inform their patients of the risk of altered alcohol metabolism before their surgeries. Meanwhile, patients should be mindful of their alcohol consumption after their surgeries.

Source:  http://www.examiner.com/article/dr-oz-talks-new-gmo-pesticide-and-gastric-bypass-weight-loss-surgery

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