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NEW YORK: Two Ways You Can Help Pass GMO Labeling in N.Y.

What: Meeting with Sen. Gillibrand
When: July 29, 1 p.m.
Where: 780 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017
Why: To hold Sen. Gillibrand accountable for her vote against the Sanders Amendment

What: Hearing on GMO Labeling Bill A3525-A When: July 30, 10 a.m. Where: Lehman College Campus, Bronx, N.Y. Why: To show support for GMO Labeling in N.Y.
Dear New York Organic Consumer,
If you want to see a GMO labeling law in New York, here's how you can help. Two important events are coming up. Can you attend one or both? Or help by writing a letter to the editor of your paper? Or by sending written testimony to the Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection? Please read on for more details.

The night before a worldwide protest against Monsanto, 71 U.S. senators – including New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand, who received $198,883 in 2012 campaign contributions from the Agribusiness lobby - voted against the Sanders Amendment to protect states’ rights to pass GMO labeling laws.
If New York passes a law requiring mandatory labeling of GMOs, will Sen. Gillibrand support a federal law that would knock down your state law?
We want to find out, and we’d like your help.
We’ve set up a meeting with Sen. Gillibrand’s office to ask about her vote against the Sanders Amendment. We also will ask her to pledge that she will not support any federal rider, amendment or other legislation that would preempt states’ rights to label GMOs.

Please sign up here if you can attend a meeting with Sen. Gillibrand’s Senior Advisor on July 29 in New York city. Then click here and we'll help you write and send a letter to the editor asking Sen. Gillibrand to support states’ rights to label.
The momentum is building. Connecticut and Maine just passed the country’s first GMO labeling laws. Vermont and Washington State are soon to follow.  Monsanto and Big Food know they can’t fight these battles in every state. They also know that once a few more states require labeling, companies will be forced to label in all 50 states.
So what’s the opposition’s next best strategy to deny your right to know? Pass federal legislation to deny states’ the right to pass GMO labeling laws.
It takes organized people to defeat organized money. Please join us in letting Sen. Gillibrand know that it is NOT okay that she voted against the Sanders Amendment. And let’s get a promise from her that she will not support any federal legislation that would stomp on states’ rights to label GMOs.

The Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection has scheduled a hearing for New York labeling bill A3525-A on July 30, on the Lehman College Campus in the Bronx. Click here for more information and to attend the hearing.
We need to help GMO Free New York turn out a large number of voters to impress the Committe, so that when the bill's sponsor, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, reintroduces the bill at the start of the next legislative session in January 2014, the bill will be immediately voted on and moved through the Assembly to a floor vote. (And then hopefully the Senate will do the same!)

Testimony is by invitation only, but written testimony can be submitted and sent no later than August 5th to:

Matt Aumand
Committee Assistant

Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection
Room 513 - Capitol
Albany, New York 12248
Email: aumandm@assembly.state.ny.us

We urge you to attend one or both meetings, write a letter to the editor and submit written testimony.

Thank you!
Zack, Melinda and the rest of the OCA Team
Organic Consumers Association
6771 South Silver Hill Drive - Finland, MN 55603 - Phone: 218-226-4164 - Fax: 218-353-7652

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