Thursday, June 13, 2013


Subject: RE: Bring A3525-A/S3835-A to the floor!   

Dear Constituent:

Thank you for your email on A.3525. I am a co-sponsor of this measure and a
strong supporter.

On June 3, the legislation was considered by the Assembly Consumer Affairs
Committee. It is a 15 member committee and 8 votes are required for a bill
to be reported out of committee. I am not a member of the committee.

There was a committee vote on the bill. 7 voted in favor and 6 voted in
opposition, and two were not present, resulting in the failure of the motion
to report.

Obviously, I am deeply disappointed in the outcome. It is unclear whether or
not this bill will be brought back for another vote in the committee this
session. There are only 8 session days left.

In any case, I remain committed to the passage of this legislation. There
has been no vote at all in the State Senate. We clearly have much worked to
do to insure that this bill becomes law. However, I am confident that we
will ultimately be successful. I understand your frustration, but hope that
you will continue to work with us to accomplish the goal.


Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Jr.

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From: Food & Water Watch - On Behalf Of deborah
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 8:46 PM
Subject: Bring A3525-A/S3835-A to the floor!

Jun 4, 2013

Assemblyman Fred Thiele
Legislative Office Building, Room 746
188 State Street
Albany, NY 12248

Dear Assemblyman Thiele,

New Yorkers have a right to know what is in our food.

Sadly, I just learned that Assembly Member Gabryszak of the Assembly caved
in to pressure from the biotech industry and voted against A3525-A in
Committee. I urge you to encourage leadership to bring this bill once
amended to a vote on the floor. My right to know shouldn't be compromised by
backroom deals with lobbyists.

Many processed foods include GE ingredients, which have not been tested for
long-term impacts on human health or environmental safety. What's more, the
government regulators do no independent safety testing and instead rely on
data submitted by biotechnology companies. Because foods containing GE
ingredients aren't required to be labeled, consumers like me don't even know
when we are eating them.

Will you support A3525-A/S3835-A to require labeling on all GE foods in New
York and encourage leadership to bring these bills to a vote on the floor?


deborah klughers
NY 11937

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