Monday, May 13, 2013


so you can get the ACTION info HOT Off the Presses!!! WE HAVE a MONTH to go!!!!! LET'S GET BUSY, NEW YORK!!! Please pass this on to anyone you know who eats food!!

Fellow GMO Labeling Supporters,

It's time for New Yorkers to take action! Call one, call all! Write one, write all!
These 11 Senators are the current gatekeepers of bill S3835--NY's bill for
GMO Labeling. If they don't soon push it out of the Consumer Protection
Committee the bill will die without making it to the Senate floor for a vote.
So it is REALLY important that WE push THEM now to let them know:
It's Time to Label GMOs! This is our chance to make our voices heard, NY!
All the contact info you need to reach them is below, beneath the head shots.
Whether you write or call, remember to say the bill number -- S3835!

Go to to see a sample letter and writing tips.
Like us on Facebook, too.

Next up: contacting the 15 Assemblymembers of the Committee on
Consumer Affairs and Protection.

--The GMO Free NY Team


Senate Committee Member Contact Info:

Phil Boyle
518-455-3411 | 631-669-9200
Legislative Office Building, 814
Albany, NY 12247
Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.
518-455-3341 | 516-882-0630
Legislative Office Building, 609
Albany, NY 12247
Terry Gipson
518-455-2303 | 845-463-0840
Legislative Office Building, 617
Albany, NY 12247
Brad Hoylman
518-455-2451 | 212-633-8052
Legislative Office Building, 413
Albany, NY 12247


George Latimer
518-455-2031 | 914-934-5250
Legislative Office Building, 615
Albany, NY 12247

Betty Little
518-455-2811 | 518-743-0968
Legislative Office Building, 310
Albany, NY 12247

Kathleen A. Marchione
Legislative Office Building, 306
Albany, NY 12247

George D. Maziarz
518-455-2024 | 716-434-0680
Legislative Office Building, 708
Albany, NY 12247


Diane J. Savino
518-455-2437 | 718-727-9406
Legislative Office Building, 315
Albany, NY 12247

José M. Serrano
518-455-2795 | 212-828-5829
Legislative Office Building, 406
Albany, NY 12247

Lee M. Zeldin (Chair)
518-455-3570 | 631-585-0608
Legislative Office Building, 802
Albany, NY 12247

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Are ya in a GMO Labeling state of mind, New York??????

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