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From Institute For Responsible Technology 6-1-2012
Millions in Monsanto Money Wields Influence on Capitol Hill and Beyond
With an election looming this November and the Farm Bill set to expire in 2013, Monsanto has poured $1.4 million into its lobbying efforts targeting the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency among others.
They even seek to extend their influence into public universities across the country in a funding fueled, pro-GMO public relations push. The University of Illinois has accepted $250,000 to create an "Agricultural Communications Program"; Iowa State undergraduates enjoy their Monsanto Student Services Wing; and professors of ag-science at the University of Missouri deliver their lectures in the Monsanto Auditorium. All that money comes with serious strings and an implied quid pro quo.
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Monsanto Staffer Turned Regulator Revolving Door Plagues Europe Along With U.S.
The hijacking of regulatory agencies is not limited to Monsanto's control of the FDA. In Europe, their FDA equivalent - EFSA - just ousted Diana Banati due to her participation in the biotech lobbying group International Life Sciences Institute Europe (ILSI). Naturally, upon submitting her resignation she became ILSI's executive and scientific director.
In the U.S., President Obama's appointment of Michael Taylor is receiving similar scrutiny. Taylor - the former vice president for public policy at Monsanto - is currently deputy commissioner for foods at the FDA where he oversees food safety.
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Bt Cotton Leads to Cycle of Debt and Increased Suicide Rate in India
As increasing rates of suicide and farm distress in India are tied to Bt cotton by the agriculture ministry, the call for alternatives has grown louder. Bt propaganda relies on shaky data while sustainable, safer and affordable alternatives are available. Monsanto seed has produced a lower than promised yield, resulting in farmers taking on debts they are often unable to repay.
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Monsanto-Backed Seed Monopolizing Bill Defeated in Mexico
A group of farmer organizations in Mexico succeeded in blocking a bill to modify "Plant Breeders' Rights" which would effectively limit family farms from developing their own seed. The bill as written would have worsened the state of poverty and food dependency in Mexico and significantly reduced agricultural biodiversity by creating seed monopolies for transnational corporations such as Monsanto.
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Stop Feeding our Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food!
Gerber, Abbott Nutrition Labs, Mead Johnson, Walmart, Kellogg's and the Federal Government are force-feeding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the most vulnerable among us: our children.
Nearly all of our infant formula, including every one of the millions of bottles distributed free by the government, contains genetically engineered corn or soy, as well as milk from cows injected by bovine growth hormone.
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