Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's National Drinking Water Week!

National Drinking Water Week starts on May 6 and ends May12.
Take some time to become aware of the status of our drinking water here on Long Island and across the planet. The attached documents have a lot of interesting information and the video is very well done.
From a previous posting-The water we have is millions of years old and the Earth repeatedly cycles this antique resource. Only about 3 percent of all water on Earth is fresh, and of that, almost 70 percent is locked up in glaciers. Less than one percent of usable freshwater is readily accessible to humanity. This means that about 0.007 percent of all water on Earth is available for human consumption.  
A billion people do not have access to clean water. Millions of people are facing water shortages, and millions more will suffer the same fate in the coming years. We received this life sustaining resource from the past and we are most certainly altering what we will leave to the future.
When you look at this blue planet we call Earth, you will see about 70% is covered by water. I think Earth should be called Water.
All we get is what we have. We cannot afford to mess this up. Try to imagine life without water.

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